Four Basic Stitches in Slip Stitch Crochet

In classic/regular crochet, a slip stitch is made by inserting the hook under both loops at the top of the stitch. This type of slip stitch is tight and has very little height in comparison to other crochet stitches. In Slip Stitch Crochet we make slip stitches using only one of the loops at the top of the stitch. Doing this creates stitches that are flexible and have quite a bit of height. Various textures can be created depending on which loop is used and the direction from which the stitch is entered.

The four basic stitches are:

The first two basic stitches are made as normally done in crochet - by holding the yarn behind the hook and inserting the hook into the stitch from front to back. The second two stitches are made by holding the yarn in front of the hook and inserting the hook from back to front. (See instructions by clicking on the links above.) These two stitches are called 'inverse stitches' because you invert the direction you enter stitch from the normal way of doing it.




F= front loop only

B= back loop only

IF= Inverse Front

IB= Inverse Back



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